We participate in a range of events aimed at encouraging involvement in dialogue around the economic status of our country and what we can do to effect change. Event formats differ depending on the objective and who we are trying to reach, but include workshops, briefings, seminars and press conferences.
October 30, 2019IEJ

Economic Literacy Workshop (Labour)

The second in a series of “crash course” style workshops that bring together labour organisations with the aim of demystifying economics and economic policy. This workshop focused specifically on the economics behind labour-related...

IEJ is hiring! -

Economic and Climate Justice researchers and a Communications Officer!

Want to learn more about the #IMFLoanSA? In this fact sheet, we break down what the #IMF is, how loans from the international financial institution work and what this will mean for the R500bn relief package promised by the @PresidencyZA. Stay informed - #KnowYourDebt.


For interactive graphs and to access the #SupplementaryBudget data - take a look here:

And if you have #analyses and #datasets of your own - please do #ShareYourData @HSRCza @StatsSA @IEJ_SA @CIatUCT

OP-ED: Covid-19: Towards a safer, more cautious and more equitable opening of the economy in SA

Today the @IEJ_SA released a policy brief on a safer and more equitable opening of the economy.


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