We participate in a range of events aimed at encouraging involvement in dialogue around the economic status of our country and what we can do to effect change. Event formats differ depending on the objective and who we are trying to reach, but include workshops, briefings, seminars and press conferences.
October 30, 2019IEJ

Economic Literacy Workshop (Labour)

The second in a series of “crash course” style workshops that bring together labour organisations with the aim of demystifying economics and economic policy. This workshop focused specifically on the economics behind labour-related...

Supplementary Budget reneges on COVID-19 rescue package -

Today @SubiBuseko and @danielmclarenza attended the Joint Meeting: Standing Committee on Finance and Select Committee on Finance on behalf of @budgetjusticesa.

The Minister, instead of addressing the burning issues raised by 100 experts in the submission to parli, & previous letters to him, tries to bully & silence them. This group of signatories has *decades* of policy experience inside & outside of govt., as the Minister is well aware

Tito Mboweni@tito_mboweni

It is not a good idea for professional economists to unwittingly involve themselves in things they know nothing about: policy and politics.

I have been following the proposals by @IEJ_SA especially in relation to the R500bn package announced by the President. Their proposals are within the framework of that allocation. & their point about reprioritised funds and new spending is valid. @Bruceps

Peter Bruce@Bruceps

No, but we can't just print money to pay our debts...

The cash transfers sub-group of the C19 People's Coalition calls for full payment of the special covid grant and opposes the disastrous austerity budget. It has made this submission to hearings in Parliament #PayTheGrants

@budgetjusticesa @IEJ_SA

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