We participate in a range of events aimed at encouraging involvement in dialogue around the economic status of our country and what we can do to effect change. Event formats differ depending on the objective and who we are trying to reach, but include workshops, briefings, seminars and press conferences.
October 30, 2019IEJ

Economic Literacy Workshop (Labour)

The second in a series of “crash course” style workshops that bring together labour organisations with the aim of demystifying economics and economic policy. This workshop focused specifically on the economics behind labour-related...

PRESS RELEASE: Important victory as UIF C19 TERS benefit is extended to non-registered workers after legal action by CWAO, @Women_On_Farms and Izwi Domestic Workers Alliance.

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What changes to #Budget2020 will arise due to #Covid19? The #AdjustmentBudget provides for these via Section 30(2) of the Public Finance Management Act (#PFMA). This includes various technical financial amendments resulting from reductions/changes in revenue & spending priorities

Exciting update to our panel for tomorrow’s webinar it now includes Minister Zulu and Anokhi Parikh from the solidarity fund. To register and receive a Zoom link, please go to

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